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Stay-Care             Aging in Place
Home Sweet Home.
Most seniors, and their families, would prefer that they stay in their home (or a smaller home).  It is usually the most comfortable and welcome choice. 
LifewerX can provide the support and services needed to make staying at Home a great option.  Providing everything from home modification (grab bars, accesibility, lifestyle improvements) to helping with household needs, we coordinate and communicate with the family, making sure everyone is comfortable and confident in safety and quality of life.
Home Care & Maintenance
Keeping up with seasonal maintenance and home repairs will become more burdensome. Don't let these tasks drive you from your home or reduce the value and comfort of your home.  LifewerX will review with you the things that need to be done or the things you would like to improve, obtain multiple, competitive estimates, supervise all work and make sure the job is done right to your satisfaction.

Temporary Needs


When going through rehabilitation and convalescing, many folks need temporary help.  LifewerX is always ready to assist. Everything from housecleaning, shopping,transportation, pet care and more become a challenge during these times.  We can even visit daily just to make sure everything is OK.  

Transition to 
Assisted Living

LifewerX is sensitive to the special needs and circumstance involved in every assisted living decision and the process involved.  Going it alone can place an unnecessary burden on the entire family.  We assist with planning and completing the move in a smooth and stress reduced fashion.  All details from personal property inventory, storage, sale or auction, to home preparation, management and sales efforts all need and deserve special attention and handling.  We assemble and supervise the best qualified vendors and professionals to reduce costs and meet or exceed the objectives in a comfortable, manged fashion.